O Level

Exam Description: Paper-M1 (Operating System)
Total Questions : 35
Exam Duration: 30 minutes

Time Remaining: 30

Question# 1. Which shortcut key will permanently delete the file/folder even deleting from Recycle bin?

Question# 2. Windows 10 is _____ based operating system while MS–DOS is _______based operating system.

Question# 3. If the displayed system date and time is wrong, you can reset it using:

Question# 4. if you are using Window 10 with your laptop, you can quickly access the settings like speaker volume, wireless connection status and display brightness etc. using.

Question# 5. ______ is an application program that is used to view/read PDF files.

Question# 6. What is the use of screencast?

Question# 7. what is the full form of “ntfs”?

Question# 8. What do you mean by resolution of the monitor

Question# 9. Which of the following is correct:

Question# 10. What is big data?

Question# 11. The opening screen for windows and the place where you begin your work using the computer is called the:

Question# 12. full form of pdf is-

Question# 13. Which option allows user to adjust the look and feel (like desktop background, theme etc.) of computer?

Question# 14. which of the following is not an operating system?

Question# 15. if a computer provides database services to other, then it will be known as:

Question# 16. What is the CORTANA?

Question# 17. most popular operating system is:

Question# 18. All windows have a _______ located at the top of the window that displays the program‘s name.

Question# 19. _______ is a type of operating system that can be popularly used in the systems like handheld computers, PDA and smart phones.

Question# 20. which of the following is database management system?

Question# 21. Ctrl + Alt + Del:

Question# 22. Types of software that can be described as “-end–user “ software

Question# 23. what is the use of snap assist in windows 10?

Question# 24. ___Is a program that operates and controls the device that is attached to computer like printer scanner cd rom driver etc.

Question# 25. What is “Windows defender” in windows 10?

Question# 26. If a computer is on but does not respond to a system reset, what is it generally said to be:

Question# 27. Ctrl + W in windows is used for:

Question# 28. key which require other keys to be pressed with it

Question# 29. key which require other keys to be pressed with it:

Question# 30. In control panel, system and security provide feature like:-

Question# 31. Which of the following is NOT an example of GUI supported operating system?

Question# 32. the term “user interface” refers to.........

Question# 33. Which of the following is\are App Stores?

Question# 34. Which inbuilt option of windows 10 allows us to place up to four windows on a single screen?]

Question# 35. Which one is not an App store?