O Level

Exam Description: O Level Paper-M1 (Internet)
Total Questions : 35
Exam Duration: 30 minutes

Time Remaining: 30

Question# 1. E-mail stands for:

Question# 2. If you add a recipient email address in _________ box of an email message, copy of the message is send to that recipient, and recipient name is not visible to other recipients of the message.

Question# 3. Which of the processes is related to search engine?

Question# 4. _________Is the free encyclopedia

Question# 5. which of the following is not an internet explorer?

Question# 6. which of the following are in the category of social networking websites?

Question# 7. if we want to search for a jab, which website is most useful?

Question# 8. Which of the following protocol is used for email services

Question# 9. Choose the most appropriate option from following:-

Question# 10. mark the most appropriate option statement:

Question# 11. what is the full form of bcc in e-mail?

Question# 12. The printer output quality is measured in terms of:

Question# 13. what is the correct example of url?

Question# 14. when you are filling online form & data are transferred to server, it is called:

Question# 15. --------portal is used for railway services.

Question# 16. Which of the following is not an example of web browser?

Question# 17. what type of commerce occurs when a business person sells its products over the internet to other business person?

Question# 18. select the most appropriate option about “Authentication ” in information security:-

Question# 19. What is the full form of irctc?

Question# 20. the ..........character has a special meaning in an e-mail address.

Question# 21. Google drive is an example of:

Question# 22. Which of the following is considered to be the strongest password?

Question# 23. Main Page of a website is called:

Question# 24. -------is used to move from one site to another, to a network or inter-network location.

Question# 25. in g-mail, which of the following label is used to represent the incoming emails-

Question# 26. Which of the following is malicious to your computer system?

Question# 27. A ________ is the turn used when a search engine returns a web page that matches the search criteri

Question# 28. _________ is an international online software store developed by google for android devices.

Question# 29. unwanted e-mails are called:

Question# 30. Raw facts such as letters , words and sounds are called :\

Question# 31. when you close the unfinished email while writing an email using gmail, the unfinished email will be saved into:

Question# 32. a/an-------is a global world wide web, while a/an-------is generally a private network operating within a company.

Question# 33. which of the following is not a social networking site?

Question# 34. which of the following is the primary law in india dealing with cybercrime and electronic commerce

Question# 35. A valid example of URL is