Exam Description: chapter 1 and chapter-2
Total Questions : 35
Exam Duration: 30 minutes

Time Remaining: 30

Question# 1. special chips embedded in merchandise to track their locations are called-

Question# 2. Suppose there are 1600 pixels in row and 1200 pixels in column then the resolution of monitor is __________.

Question# 3. Using _________ keyboard keys you can permanently delete the file/folder such that it is not even available in recycle bin .

Question# 4. Bullet library has ____

Question# 5. an example of handheld computer is

Question# 6. Speaker is:

Question# 7. Total number of function keys in a computer is:

Question# 8. which among the following is most powerful computer?

Question# 9. what is the full form of DPI?

Question# 10. Which of the following is not a keyboard type?

Question# 11. choose the correct option according to ascending order of storage capacity.

Question# 12. what is the full form of VLSI?

Question# 13. ______ is an input device used to input audio data into computer.

Question# 14. Which printer prints data or images by spraying small droplets of ink at high speed onto the surface of the paper?

Question# 15. the number or pixels on computer screen is known as screen...........

Question# 16. qwerty is found in:

Question# 17. Which of the following is NOT a hardware device?

Question# 18. a device used for converting text and image into digital format and storing it in a computer:

Question# 19. Which of the following provide information in a permanent readable format also known as Hard copy?

Question# 20. Which of the following are the examples of Hardware in Computer system?

Question# 21. what is data in the computer system?

Question# 22. Toggle keys are _______

Question# 23. Which of the following is used to measure the speed of the processor?

Question# 24. the brain of the computer system is contained on a single chip called the?

Question# 25. ——— computer generation uses ICSs with VLSI technology.

Question# 26. apple introduced macintosh microcomputer in the year?

Question# 27. Which of the following is an example of impact printer?

Question# 28. the total number of function keys on the keyboard are:

Question# 29. light pen is a-

Question# 30. bar code reader is:

Question# 31. which of the following is not an expansion card ?

Question# 32. what is full form of smps?

Question# 33. which of the following is used to recognize character and symbols?

Question# 34. Which of the following was the key component of first generation computer?

Question# 35. which of the following is used to recognize character and symbols?