Exam Description: chapter-11, 12, 13
Total Questions : 35
Exam Duration: 30 minutes

Time Remaining: 30

Question# 1. Which of the following term is not related to MS-Word?

Question# 2. What are the correct steps of Backup and restore process in MS-Outlook 2010?

Question# 3. A new presentation can be created from

Question# 4. to insert a function in ms excel using shortcut keys we press:

Question# 5. which of the following chart contains only one chart data series and all the values should be positive for this type of chart in ms-excel 2010?

Question# 6. The process of organising data in a particular order is:

Question# 7. The word wrap features:

Question# 8. format painter in ms power point 2010 is used:

Question# 9. How can you close a presentation? select the most appropriate option from the following :

Question# 10. in ms word, gutter position can be set in following position:

Question# 11. Which shortcut key is used to stop a slideshow of a presentation ?

Question# 12. Which of the following is also known as personal information manager?

Question# 13. select the most appropriate option from the following:

Question# 14. In MS- Excel 2010, what is the keyboard shortcut key for creating a chart from the selected cells?

Question# 15. The four types of Mail Merge main documents are–

Question# 16. where the row and column in ms-excel meet, what do you call that?

Question# 17. to insert three columns between columns d and e you would insert column after selecting ms excel 2010?

Question# 18. Special effect used to introduce slides in a presentation are called-

Question# 19. Which features of MS-Word 2010 is used for monitoring all document changes?

Question# 20. What is the expected result of the following formula in MS-Excel?

Question# 21. portrait and landscape are:

Question# 22. clip art option exists in in microsoft power point 2010-

Question# 23. Suppose there are six sectors like agriculture, construction, manufacturing, mining etc. which contributes to the GDP of India, then which type of chart is most suitable to show the contribution of each sector to the whole GDP of India in MS Excel 2010.

Question# 24. a balck border around a cell indicates that the cell is the:

Question# 25. Normally the autofill feature–

Question# 26. Which of the following is NOT true regarding conditional formatting in MS–Excel 2010?

Question# 27. what is the output of round (3.7544,2)?

Question# 28. a personal information manager and email communication software in ms-office is:

Question# 29. a single program that provides the facilities of word processing, spreadsheet and database manager.

Question# 30. which of the following option is not available in paste special dialog box in ms excel 2010-

Question# 31. After inserting a bookmark in a document, you can refer that bookmark from other place in the text by creating _____ to the bookmark.

Question# 32. Shortcut key for “slide show” is:

Question# 33. in ms word, ctrl+return is used for:

Question# 34. To insert a function in MS-Excel using shortcut keys we press:

Question# 35. in ms-powerpoint, smartart graphics are available in-